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  • Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) (Law, 1994; Economic Law, 1995)
  • University of Michigan, Ann Arbor (LL.M, 1998)
  • Admitted to the Brussels Bar in 1995

Vanessa Marquette’s key practice areas are banking and finance, corporate finance, capital markets, M&A and securities law. She also has a wide experience of conflict of laws matters. 

Vanessa Marquette assists Belgian and international clients in drafting banking, financial, insurance and commercial contracts, and is actively involved in providing assistance in financial services compliance matters. She also accompanies clients in the constantly evolving environment of FinTech and sustainable finance.

She advises on regular basis banks, other financial institutions and listed companies on issues of all types of financial instruments, offers and takeover bids. She is the co-author of the book "Les offres publiques d'acquisition - 10 ans d'application de la réglementation" (Larcier, 2018).

Vanessa has a wide experience in the drafting, negotiation and enforcement of first demand guarantees, pledges, mortgages and other securities with specific expertise in cross-border issues.

She advises Belgian and international clients, both private and public, including non-profit entities in all matters regarding compliance and governance. Being a board member of a listed reinsurance company and a major academic hospital, she has the inside experience which helps her better understanding and answering the needs of her clients.

She handles M&A transactions with a focus on transactions in the real estate, banking and insurance areas as well as between M&A involving public entities or non-profit entities.

She stands next to her clients in judicial and administrative proceedings before Belgian courts in banking and finance matters.

She teaches the class of International Finance Law at the Université Libre de Bruxelles (LL.M. in International Business Law).

Vanessa has published numerous publications in French and English on conflict of laws and jurisdiction and on financial law, notably regarding cross-border insolvency and security interests. She received the Prix Simone David-Constant (2005) for the following article: “V. Marquette et C. Barbé, «EU Regulation (EC) 1346/2000. Insolvency Proceedings in Europe and Third Countries. Status and prospects» (Bruylant 2005) and the Prix Jean-Jacques Boels in 2005. Vanessa is a regular speaker at leading law seminars in Belgium. She is a member of the editing committee of the “Revue de Droit Commercial Belge”. She is a member of the scientific committee of AEDBF Europe.

Languages: French, English and Dutch.

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Corporate, Banking and Finance
--Debts Restructuring and Insolvency
--Corporate Real Estate
--Banking, Finance and Securities