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Civil and Commercial Contracts Distribution and Licensing

Most civil and business relations are complex by nature and due to regulatory constraints. Contracts in this area must regulate and facilitate relations while ensuring stability and legal certainty.

For businesses in particular, special attention should be paid to competition law (antitrust law) and contract law in an international context.

Our fields of expertise

Simont Braun’s assistance covers multiple forms of private agreements and business cooperation. Apart from our expertise in specialist fields such as Real Estate, Corporate/M&A, Banking & Finance, ICT and IP, we act in numerous forms of cooperation arrangements exploited in business, including:

  • Letters of intent

  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)

  • Memorandums of understanding

  • Sub-contracting

  • General terms and conditions

  • Licensing

  • Distribution

  • Franchising

  • Agency

  • Warehousing

  • Lease contracts

  • Construction contracts

  • Shares purchase agreements (SPAs)

  • Supply of materials or components

  • Original Equipment Manufacture (OEM)

  • Outsourcing

Our lawyers help clients to prepare and negotiate such operations and in any subsequent dispute resolution, including arbitration and mediation.

Some recent projects

Further to the examples referred to in the fields mentioned:

  • Sub-contracting contract for the storage, transportation and delivery of cosmetics products to retail shops;

  • Material transfer of a chemical compound in the agricultural sector for field-tests and sharing the results thereof, with confidentiality clauses;

  • Negotiation agreements (process, confidentiality, etc.);

  • Brokerage agreement in the context of searching for licensees of a patented technology, with exclusivity and confidentiality clauses;

  • Restructuring of the insurance distribution network of a leading company active in consumer credit;

  • Drafting of a co-brokerage agreement for two insurance brokers of an international banking group;

  • Drafting of an agency agreement for an insurance agent of a French banking group.