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Commercial Law, Civil Law and Consumer Law

Modern business practices include a multitude of operations in product manufacture, service provision, direct distribution, distribution via intermediaries, advertising, sales and delivery to consumers or other businesses. Such operations are subject to regulations at various levels (EU, national or sector) and can give rise to complex regulated contracts. Commercial practices need to comply with diverse regulations, notably those relating to consumer protection.

Additionally, certain personal and wealth management contracts are complex and must also comply with various legal requirements.

Litigation covering commercial and civil contracts is equally complex, especially so in an international context.


Our Services

We provide both businesses and individuals with pragmatic and legally certain solutions for contract preparation and negotiation. We also provide businesses with guidance in placing their products and services on the market, taking into account all applicable regulations in Belgian and European law, including competition law.

Should a dispute arise, depending on the circumstances we will exploit all possible alternative dispute resolution methods (conciliation, mediation and arbitration) or judicial procedures (for which we are admitted before all EU and Belgian courts, including the Supreme Court) in order to establish the best commercial solution. We maintain fluid relations with foreign colleagues, selected by the client or on the basis of their specific expertise.


Our Approach

Ascertaining and understanding the client’s needs is our priority.

At Simont Braun, we adopt a comprehensive approach taking into account all tax, environmental, social and innovation criteria.