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Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Legal and regulatory developments require companies to disclose data onthe impact of their business operations on communities and the environment. Companies, non-profit organisations and public entities are also increasingly being held responsible by investors, business partners, consumers and even regulators for the impact of their activities on the communities and environmentin which they operate. It is therefore crucialfor our clients to integrate corporate social responsibility (CSR) concerns into their codes of conduct, policies and procedures.

Our fields of expertise

Our team assists clients with the identification, analysis and integration of CSR concerns and priorities at all levels of their operations, enabling them to manage the compliance, litigation and reputational risks of CSR.

Simont Braun works with clients to develop CSR-integrated and sector-focused strategies that safeguard the corporate reputation and improve corporate culture. We focus on the CSR challenges faced by operators in the financial sector (impact finance), by listed companies and public entities.

Some recent projects

  • Advising listed companies regarding the non-financial information to include in their regulated information;

  • Assisting a Belgian private investment fund active in the development of social and middle-income housing in its incorporation, in fundraisings, in the acquisition of real estate projects, in a joint-venture and in the development of a major real estate project.

  • Advising regional public entities on the implementation of a new structuration and governance for the main public non-profit association in Brussels offering residential facilities to homeless people in the Region of Brussels.