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Data Protection And Privacy

The collection, use and transmission of personal data are omnipresent, especially since society has recognised the monetary value of personal data.

It has therefore become vital to protect personal data against all types of abuse. We have seen numerous regulations emerge at both national and European level to control the processing of personal data and, consequently, protect privacy.

The latest – and most notable – regulation to date is the famous GDPR, which places the protection of personal data at the heart of all data processing activities performed by companies.

Our areas of work

Simont Braun’s Data Protection specialists guide clients through the complex regulatory framework governing the collection, use, transfer and protection of data. Our job is to reconcile legal requirements with business needs, while leading our client towards the path of data processing autonomy.

We assist clients in numerous matters such as GDPR compliance, the drafting of privacy policies and (international) data transfer agreements, negotiating commercial transactions, revising employment contracts and internal policies, e-mail monitoring, compliance checks for websites and applications and regulatory investigation.

Our clients value the multi-disciplinary structure of the firm, as we are able to combine our capabilities in terms of intellectual property, corporate, white collar crime, healthcare, and procurement contracts, enabling our clients to comprehensively address their data protection and privacy risks.

We offer particular expertise to assist companies providing online services and those operating in regulated sectors (such as financial services, healthcare and pharmaceuticals).

Some recent projects

  • Advice to a French (digital) credit institution on the data protection and privacy issues related to their new micro-credit payment solution in Belgium and to their fraud prevention system.

  • Assistance to an online payment company seeking to make its website available in Belgium.

  • Assistance to an online insurance platform regarding data protection matters throughout project definition and implementation.

  • Review of the privacy policy and general terms of use of various applications and websites.

  • Advice to a public authority on the privacy and secrecy implications of a system for listening to sounds in certain public places for surveillance and security purposes.

  • Assistance to a group of hospitals for the setting-up of an electronic platform to centralise and manage medical data, ensuring the platform’s compliance with data protection regulations.