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Non-Profit Organisations

Non-profit organisations are becoming increasingly prevalent, even outside the non-market sector. They cover a large spectrum of activities conducted by public or private operators in various sectors, including culture, health, social, environment and estate planning.

A non-profit organisation may adopt a number of different forms under Belgian law: ASBL/VZW, foundation and other types of partnership with no legal personality.

Most of them are subject to an increasingly regulated framework.

Our fields of expertise

Our in-depth knowledge of the various forms of non-profit organisations enables us to assist our clients at every stage of their projects:

  • Selection and implementation of the appropriate legal structure;

  • Drafting of articles and incorporation formalities;

  • Advice and assistance with governance issues;

  • Potential tax and labour impact;

  • Licences;

  • Restructuring or winding-up of such entities.

Simont Braun has also developed specific expertise in disputes with or within non-profit organisations, notably between their members or between their members and managers.

Some recent projects

  • Incorporating a public interest foundation in the environmental field;

  • Negotiating lease agreements for premises occupied by a charity organisation in the health sector;

  • Advising clients on the restatement of the articles of association of an ASBL involved in the promotion of music and organising international competitions for musicians;

  • Supporting a project to structure social initiatives developed by a public transportation company;

  • Advising clients on the restructuring of cable distribution activities carried out by an ASBL owned by a municipality.