Simont Braun - Avocats advocaten lawyers

Real Estate litigation

In Real Estate, all operators seek certainty and efficiency. Disputes are the least desirable situation, yet sometimes become inevitable.
In such cases, it is our job to guide our clients towards the most suitable solution for their business or project, whether via negotiation, mediation, arbitration, or judicial or administrative proceedings.
No matter the most appropriate path, Simont Braun guides and assists you from beginning to end in the most efficient and business-oriented manner.
As our lawyers are also experts in real estate transactions, they are able to propose more effective solutions in a context of conflict.

Experts in mediation

As lengthy judicial procedures can ruin an entire real estate transaction or construction project, Simont Braun has developed particular experience in mediation and arbitration, processes which frequently demonstrate their worth and efficiency.
We therefore regularly recommend mediation and conciliation to our clients rather than bringing a case to court, wherever the situation allows and offers the prospect of a more profitable outcome. In such an event, we assist and guide our clients throughout the dispute resolution process.
In his capacity as an accredited mediator, Thomas Braun can officially certify the agreements reached by the parties through mediation with his assistance. Thomas Braun is a former chair of the CCAI (Chamber of Real Estate Conciliation, Arbitration and Mediation).

Administrative and judicial proceedings

We have significant experience in all types of real estate related procedures, including:

  • Proceedings before the Council of State related, for example, to administrative authorisations (building, environmental, heritage and socio-economic licences);

  • Judicial proceedings related to construction operations and contracts;

  • Technical arbitration proceedings.