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Start-ups are fully integrated into the modern economic fabric. Some of them have even become catalysts for the most innovative and disruptive of projects, especially in the world of digital, data and technology.

They typically start out with limited human and financial resources and, depending on their activities, are sometimes required to navigate in highly regulated markets.

Our expertise

Simont Braun has lengthy experience working with start-ups. We accompany start-ups throughout their journey, from polishing their idea before launch, ensuring that it is both legally compliant and commercially feasible, to helping them grow. We enjoy in-depth knowledge of the regulatory and market constraints and opportunities and will help you to understand the motivation of consumers and companies in the relevant sector.

Our multi-disciplinary Digital Finance team notably provides day-to-day support to disruptive start-ups seeking to enter the highly regulated banking and financial market.

Simont Braun also advises start-ups on Corporate, Intellectual Property, Employment and Data Protection matters.

Our approach

Simont Braun’s lawyers are convinced that adequate guidance starts with a comprehensive understanding of the start-up’s project in all its technical, commercial and human aspects.

Accordingly, our teams always begin by obtaining a clear and complete grasp of you, your ideas and your business plan.

Our lawyers keep fully up to date with the most significant technological innovations (blockchain, crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending, cryptocurrencies, etc.) and are well-integrated within the tech community, especially digital finance. We are therefore able to provide practical, up-to-date and legally compliant solutions.

We also maintain excellent contacts with the Belgian regulators, a vital factor when a start-up requires a licence to commence operations.

Once the project has been launched, we maintain close cooperation with our clients, whether in the context of business diversification, growth or regulatory developments.

Some recent work with start-ups

We have provided advisory services to several Belgian and foreign start-ups for the incorporation of their legal entity, the drafting of their client terms and conditions and the roll-out of their activities, mainly in technology and financial services.