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Suspension of the notice periods during Corona temporary unemployment

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Date of publication
22 June 2020
Employment, Compensation and Benefits

The law of 15 June 2020 that aimed at suspending the notice periods during the days of temporary unemployment due to force majeure as a result of the COVID-19 crisis came into force today.

The law applies to all dismissals with a notice period to be served that have begun since 1 March 2020.

The law did not provide for retroactive effect, which means that it is only from the date of publication of the law, i.e. 22 June 2020, that the notice period will be suspended for all days of temporary Corona unemployment.

Therefore, the periods of temporary unemployment put in place until the date of publication of the Act will not affect the notice periods that have started to run since 1 March 2020.

As a result, these periods of suspension should be taken into account when determining the effective duration of the notice period insofar as they extend it by an appropriate amount, as is the case, in particular, for days of holiday or sickness.