ESG Values NL

Milieuduurzaamheid, sociale verantwoordelijkheid en goed bestuur zijn essentieel voor onze vooruitgang als onderneming en als advocatenkantoor.

Simont Braun zet zich actief in voor betere duurzaamheid, diversiteit, inclusie en good governance.


Wij promoten en implementeren de ESG-waarden binnen ons kantoor, in onze interacties met onze cliënten en andere actoren in onze waardeketen en met de samenleving in het algemeen.

Intern is iedereen welkom om ideeën en suggesties aan te brengen om onze ecologische voetafdruk te verkleinen en om diversiteit, inclusie, goed bestuur en het algemene welzijn op kantoor te verbeteren.

In 2022 heeft Simont Braun een ESG-comité opgericht om een luisterend oor te bieden aan alle initiatieven binnen het bedrijf, deze te promoten en te centraliseren. De leden ervan belichamen onze diversiteit op alle niveaus (geslacht, generatie, functie…). Het ESG-comité brengt regelmatig verslag uit aan kantoor over de voorgestelde en uitgevoerde acties en maatregelen. Het heeft de aanzet gegeven tot veel van de hieronder beschreven acties.

Aan onze cliënten die onder de ESG-regelgeving vallen, geven wij up-to-date juridisch advies en helpen wij hen bij de implementatie van adequate rapportage, efficiënte maatregelen, enz. Wij zijn actief betrokken bij impact finance en milieutransitieprojecten.

In het algemeen vertrouwen onze cliënten die een positieve impact willen erop dat wij hen adviseren en begeleiden bij het afstemmen van duurzaamheidsdoelstellingen en -verbintenissen op hun algemene strategie en financiële doelstellingen, aangezien beide nu even belangrijk zijn om waardevolle en zinvolle ondernemingen te creëren.

Sustainability, Commitment
& Actions

We actively promote and implement ESG values within the our firm, in our interactions with our clients and other actors in our value chain and with society at large.

Internally, everyone is welcome to bring up ideas and suggestions to reduce our environmental footprint and to improve diversity, inclusion, good governance practices as well as increasing the general well-being at the office.

In 2022, Simont Braun created an ESG committee aiming to listen, promote and centralise all initiatives within the firm. Its members embody our diversity at all levels (gender, generational, function-wise…). The ESG committee reports regularly to all the firm stakeholders on the actions and measures proposed and implemented. It has initiated many of the actions described below.

With our clients subject to ESG regulations, we provide up-to-date legal advice and assist them in implementing adequate reporting, efficient measures, etc. We are actively involved in impact finance and environmental transition projects.

More generally, our clients seeking to have a positive impact trust us to advise and guide them to reconcile sustainability goals and commitments with their overall strategy and financial targets, as they both are now as important to create valuable and meaningful companies.


Diversity, social equity, inclusion and proper governance are a strong part of Simont Braun’s DNA. These values are an essential component of our internal and external behaviour and strategy, as we believe long-term prosperity and sense of belonging are improved when ensuring diversity, social equity and inclusion, and when nurturing the rights and well-being of every individual.

This process starts in-house as we place great emphasis on diversity and the physical and psychological well-being of all our lawyers and staff (good work-life balance, increased connectivity tools allowing schedule flexibility, availability of external psycho-social help, various internal social and educational events, gym subscription, wellness week, etc.).

Our lawyers are also actively involved in pro bono work for non-profit organisations, for example in the medical sector or in the development and protection of vulnerable individuals.

In terms of gender diversity, Simont Braun has always placed great emphasis on empowering and retaining women all the way to the top. Since its foundation, our firm has had, on average, one-third of female partners. Gender diversity was a reality at Simont Braun, even before it became an important topic. Currently, a significant number of our associates and partners are women, our managing partners are a female-male duo, and our communication & marketing manager is a woman.

At Simont Braun, we believe good governance is achieved by promoting transparency, participation, communication and business ethics.
We have taken action to reach these objectives.

Simont Braun is fairly transparent regarding its organisation and its decision-making processes. We also have many internal communication channels (notably via our intranet) to keep our stakeholders informed of internal measures, news, events, newcomers, etc.

Simont Braun has also implemented participative systems such as the forum described below.

We believe that such concrete measures can stimulate the sense of belonging and commitment within the firm. They make all stakeholders feel involved and care about their workplace and colleagues.

At Simont Braun, we have always had an uncompromising stance regarding professional and business ethics (especially independence, integrity and confidentiality). We try to go one step further, both internally and externally, and raise awareness on the importance of these principles in providing legal services.


Simont Braun is committed to building a healthier, cleaner and more sustainable environment. 

We start this process in-house, of course.

As a firm, we believe it is our role to lead by example and we are continuously adapting our behaviour to reduce our environmental footprint. We have adopted a series of concrete measures notably to reduce our paper consumption, the use of plastic and our carbon emissions.

We also make sure to work with external providers (food, office supplies…) committed to reducing their environmental footprint.

An ongoing process

Simont Braun has taken many measures to improve its environmental sustainability, social commitment and good governance. We actively seek to make concrete and meaningful steps in the good direction to change mentalities and behaviours, to become a sustainable firm at all levels, where everyone feels included, committed and respected, and to better serve our clients.

This is a daily challenge, but it is our mission to stay aware, speak up and take concrete actions when necessary. As there is always room for progress, we believe in sharing experiences, ideas and good practices with our peers and clients. 

Would you like to know more on our actions or share ideas? Please contact Simont Braun’s ESG committee: