Luxury goods & Fashion

In a globalised world where online sales have become standard, preserving brand reputation, the exclusivity of a product and guaranteeing its quality or its aura of luxury are a major challenge in the luxury goods and fashion sector. But the new patterns of consumption have also created opportunities for manufacturers of these products.

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Strategic assistance in the luxury goods and fashion sector

Maintaining the presence of these products in the “real” world requires a fine balance in order to comply with the competition rules on passive sales and presence on the web. A solid and long-term strategy is required to cover distribution and brand protection. It is also essential to protect these assets from attacks by competitors, hackers and pirates.

Our lawyers have a thorough understanding of the particularities and challenges of the luxury goods and fashion sector. Our clients therefore entrust us with their most complex questions and disputes, as well as the day-to-day management of their rights.


Expertise at every stage of the process

Several teams collaborate within Simont Braun to provide assistance to a wide range of operators in the luxury goods and fashion sector in all aspects of their business, whether online or offline. 

In addition to distribution law (exclusive distribution, selective distribution, franchise agreements), anti-competitive practices, trade practices, advertising and marketing, and other matters of general economic law, our recent experience in this sector includes:

  • Protection and enforcement of trademarks and their sales environment
  • Protection and enforcement of designs and copyrights
  • Customs seizures
  • Counterfeiting


Our team has extensive experience in consulting and litigation. Simont Braun is also regularly called upon to deal with issues with international aspects.


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