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Blueprint for a large tax reform

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Date of publication
19 July 2022
Guillaume Delfosse, Thomas Gernay
Tax Law

Today, our Minister of Finance has released a “Blueprint for a large tax reform”, paving the way for a vast reform of our Belgian tax system.

Key principles of this groundbreaking reform that would lead to a “dual income tax” system:

  • Lowering taxation on professional income: tax rates would be reduced and made more progressive;
  • Increasing taxation on wealth: recurrent income from capital (dividends, interest or real rents) would be taxed at 25%, and all capital gains would be taxed at 15% (capital losses are deductible and “acquired rights would be preserved”).
  • Deep review of taxation on consumption and energy

The Blueprint insists on the need for adequate transitory measures and for preserving acquired rights.

This Blueprint aims to lay down the grounds for further discussions and negotiations within the government, meaning that the government has not yet approved the measures it contains. This document nonetheless marks a significant step forward as it establishes a consistent set of principles for a comprehensive tax reform in Belgium.

The Blueprint is available in French and in Dutch.

For any questions, please reach out to Thomas Gernay or Guillaume Delfosse.