Technology and data economy

Data has become a critical asset for businesses in all sectors of the economy. Its strategic use can be a key factor to unlock growth and create opportunities. As the data economy thrives, businesses are facing new challenges due to the complexity and increasing amount of regulation. 

Simont Braun has set up a team of tech-savvy experts to help you navigate the technical and legal challenges of the data economy.

Technology and data economy Simont Braun Belgian business law firm

Data governance 

Managing data infrastructure may be challenging at times. The rise in digital products and services is allowing unprecedented amounts of data to be collected. Data must constantly be available, secure and of good quality to maximise its potential.

We assist clients in designing rules for protecting, accessing and sharing your data, both in and out of their organisation. 


Data access and sharing 

Public bodies, businesses and citizens are generating ever-increasing amounts of data (AI, Internet of Things, Cloud & edge computing, etc.). Such data can be reused and shared to develop new products or improve the quality of your services, either within an organisation or through R&D partnerships with private or public entities. 

Clients whose activity requires accessing and sharing of both personal and non-personal data can rely on our lawyers to clarify their legal obligations. We assist them in designing tailor-made data sharing agreements, with clear rules on data access that comply with consumer and data protection laws. 


Ethics & artificial intelligence

AI technologies collect and analyse massive amounts of data for businesses and public sector organisations. The automated processing of personal data and potentially discriminatory practices of AI is increasingly subject to legal requirements. 

Simont Braun’s team has developed specific expertise in guiding clients through these requirements. Amongst others, they advise them on compliance with the GDPR regulation throughout the AI learning process, on IP or trade secret protection on datasets and assist them in case of a data breach.

All-inclusive legal assistance

Simont Braun can help clients leverage the potential of data while navigating the complexity of its legal environment. We offer all-inclusive legal assistance to make their project a reality, legally safe, and in line with their goals and strategy. We provide them with truly full-service and yet specific expertise.

Our multidisciplinary team of tech-savvy lawyers can assist with all legal aspects of the data economy. 

Simont Braun is a market leader in connected tech-related sectors such as FinTech: our passionate Digital Finance Team is a reference and trendsetter in Belgium. Our expertise is unique on the market and we make sure to stay on top of all tech and sector trends.


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