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Simont Braun assists Test Achats in reaching successful agreement with Ryanair

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Date of publication
16 December 2021
Rafaël Jafferali, Charles-Edouard Lambert, Fanny Laune
Commercial Law, Civil Law and Consumer Law, Dispute resolution

Simont Braun was representing Test Achats in the class action against Ryanair to seek compensation for passengers who were victims of strikes by the Ryanair staff in summer 2018. The estimated total compensation was € 16 million, and the class action gathered 30,000 consumers. The parties have just concluded an agreement putting an end to this historic class action.

The class action had been initiated on 11 July 2019 by Test Achats before the French-speaking Business Court of Brussels, which declared it admissible on 7 December 2020 (see our previous press release here).

In parallel with the judicial proceedings, Simont Braun assisted Test Achats in its negotiations with Ryanair to find a quick, concrete and satisfying solution for all passengers. This is now done, as the parties reached an agreement.

Simont Braun has negotiated each aspect of the settlement, which provides for the possibility for all passengers concerned, regardless of their nationality, to receive compensation in the form of a voucher. This voucher may be reimbursed if it has not been used during the first year of its issue.

Simont Braun is happy to have successfully assisted Test Achats to achieve such a satisfactory agreement,” says Rafaël Jafferali, partner in Dispute Resolution at Simont Braun. “This unique class action and now this settlement are both encouraging victories for consumers and passengers’ rights in Belgium,” adds Fanny Laune, counsel.

The Simont Braun team assisting Test Achats was led by Rafaël Jafferali (partner) and Fanny Laune (counsel), with the assistance of Charles-Edouard Lambert (associate).

For any question, please contact Rafaël Jafferali ( or Fanny Laune (

If you are a passenger concerned by the strikes and you would like to beneficiate from the agreement, please visit Test Achats’ website.