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Date of publication
18 January 2023
Thomas Derval, Alexia Faes, Sandrine Hirsch, Renaud van Melsen, Nikita Tissot
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Environmental sustainability, social responsibility and good governance are essential to our progress as a society and as a firm. Simont Braun is committed to walking the talk towards better sustainability, diversity, inclusion, and good governance practices. We actively promote and implement ESG values within our firm, in our interactions with our clients and other actors in our value chain and with society at large.

Internally, everyone is welcome to bring up ideas and suggestions to reduce our environmental footprint and to improve diversity, inclusion, good governance practices as well as increasing the general well-being at the office.

In 2022, Simont Braun created an ESG committee aiming to listen, promote and centralise all initiatives within the firm. Its members embody our diversity at all levels (gender, generational, function-wise…). The ESG committee reports regularly to all the firm stakeholders on the actions and measures proposed and implemented.

Read our full policy here.

With our clients subject to ESG regulations, we provide up-to-date legal advice and assist them in implementing adequate reporting, efficient measures, etc. We are actively involved in impact finance and environmental transition projects.

More generally, our clients seeking to have a positive impact trust us to advise and guide them to reconcile sustainability goals and commitments with their overall strategy and financial targets, as they both are now as important to create valuable and meaningful companies.


For any questions or assistance, please contact Sandrine Hirsch, Thomas Derval, Renaud van Melsen, Alexia Faes or Nikita Tissot.