Thomas Derval

Thomas Derval practices commercial, financial and insurance law (regulatory & litigation).

He assists Belgian and international clients in a broad range of regulatory matters (e.g. MiFID II, IDD, AML, crowdfunding and consumer law), and in relation to financial, insurance, and credit product regulations. In this context, he has developed a particular interest in alternative and sustainable models and he regularly advises both Fintech and Insurtech startups and traditional actors of regulated sectors.

On a more general note, he also assists clients in contractual and liability matters and he represents their interests before the courts.

Thomas is recommended as a key lawyer by The Legal 500 in EU Regulatory: Financial Services and InsuranceThomas Derval is very engaged and has a practical mindset. He is very knowledgeable in (consumer) credit laws and intent on finding good solutions for his clients.” He is also mentioned in IFLR 1000He knows the practicalities of legally designing financial products very well. [he] has practical experience that is rarely found at high street firms” – “He is approachable and very nice to work with. His good knowledge of both financial regulations and more general laws allows him to have a holistic view on complicated issues”.

In addition to his practice, he is an Assistant Lecturer at the Free University of Brussels (ULB), where he has been giving seminars in Contracts & Torts since 2014.

Thomas is the recipient of the Georges Boels pleading prize.

Master of Laws (ULB), 2011

Advanced Master in Economic Law (ULB), 2012

LL.M. (University of Oxford), 2017

Member of the Brussels Bar, 2012



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