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Non-Profit Organisations

Non-profit organizations conduct a diverse range of public and private-sector projects covering many areas of services and activities, from culture to health, environment and heritage conservation.

They exist in a variety of forms (ASBL, foundations, AISBL, endowment funds, social enterprises, etc.) and are subject to a specific legal framework, although there is an observable trend to soften differentiation vis-à-vis companies.

In light of the diversity of non-profit organizations activities and modes of financing, a multi-disciplinary approach is crucial if compressive and bespoke guidance is to be provided, especially as participants are personally exposed to major risks.

Our areas of work

Simont Braun has longstanding experience in advising a wide range of non-profit organizations on all aspects of their existence, from incorporation to dissolution, and from the most common to the most complex and unique of issues. Simont Braun advises academic entities, charities, foundations, cultural institutions, etc. Our in-depth expertise allows us to act as a single point of service delivery.

We are especially aware of what sets non-profit organizations apart and of the business and political constraints they face. We are therefore able to offer realistic, pragmatic and cost-effective solutions.

Simont Braun has notably gained substantial experience in assisting non-profit organizations in the following areas:

  • Real estate and administrative law: selection of premises, lease agreements, administrative procedures, etc.;

  • Corporate law: incorporation, corporate governance, etc.;

  • A wide range of labor law questions;

  • Intellectual property issues: commercial denomination, trademarks, copyright, etc.;

Significant recent assignments  

  • Incorporating a public utility foundation operating in the environment sector (reintroduction and colonization of flora and fauna);

  • Negotiating a lease agreement for premises used by a major healthcare charity;

  • Updating and restructuring the articles of association of an ASBL working for the promotion of musical art and organizing international virtuoso competitions;

  • Shareholding restructuring project for a public transportation company;

  • Restructuring of the TV distribution activities for a municipal ASBL.