UPC-Agreement : the Unitary Patent & the Unified Patent Court

Intellectual property law Simont Braun Belgian business law firm

General Overview The introduction on June 1, 2023, of the European patent with unitary effect is accompanied by the creation of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) hearing certain actions relating to this new type of patent and some other similar titles. For an overview, follow this link The transitional period and the Opt-Out During a transitional […]

Corporate tax

Corporate tax Simont Braun Belgian business law firm

We advise companies, holdings, entrepreneurs, investors, CFOs, tax managers, accountants and others with regard to their operational activities, key decisions, holding and financing structures, reorganisations, tax incentives, benefits and compensation, transfer pricing, tax compliance and tax risk assessment. In order to achieve a sufficient level of certainty in complex circumstances, clients can rely on us […]

Real estate tax

Real estate tax Simont Braun belgian business law firm

Our experience in this sector includes, amongst others, the tax aspects of acquisitions, reorganisations, public private partnerships, finance structures, infrastructure projects, and the structuring of real estate funds and their investments. In order to achieve a sufficient level of certainty, clients rely on us to obtain a tax ruling. Whenever necessary, we defend our clients’ […]

Mediation in real estate

Mediation in real estate Simont Braun Belgian business law firm

What is Mediation? Mediation is a confidential alternative dispute resolution process in which the parties work with a mediator to negotiate a settlement to their dispute. The mediator is a neutral party who has no interest in the outcome and is trained to facilitate a settlement between the parties. In mediation, the parties are the […]

Structuring of public institutions

Structuring of public institutions Simont Braun Belgian business law firm

Legal expertise regarding public bodies In this respect, we have extensive experience and in-depth knowledge on how public bodies function and are organised. Our team advises public authorities on how to structure their public projects considering all aspects of administrative law. We notably advise them on the necessity to open a competitive and open procedure […]

Constitutional law

Constitutional law Simont Braun Belgian business law firm

Constitutional law and legislative drafting We advise governmental bodies and private actors on a wide range of constitutional matters such as the distribution of powers within the federal states or questions pertaining to fundamental freedoms.  Our team regularly assists governments in drafting legislative texts. We have been selected to draft or modernise several major legislative […]

Public procurement and PPP

Public procurement and PPP Simont Braun Belgian business law firm

Detailed legal expertise with attention for practical and technical aspects Besides a thorough understanding of the legal aspects, we strive for insights into the practical and technical questions, so as to offer an integrated approach and solution.  We are involved in a number of major public infrastructure projects or extensive government orders or partnerships, that […]

Urban development & environmental law

Urban development & environmental law Simont Braun Belgian business law firm

Robust legal and practical assistance  Our experience extends to practical questions such as the sensitivities of issuing authorities on aspects beyond the legal texts and ways to lift blocked situations, or technically demanding aspects of real estate transactions.  Our in-depth knowledge also allows us to advise on, and devising ways of, limiting the risks of […]

Enforcement & recognition of judgments

Enforcement & recognition of judgments Simont Braun Belgian business law firm

Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments Simont Braun developed a specific knowledge in recognition and enforcement in Belgium of foreign judgments. Indeed, we understand that enforcement is often the most critical issue for our clients, either to obtain it for claimants or to dismiss it for defendants. To handle cases that raise the highly technical […]

Mass claims and class actions

Mass claims and class actions Simont Braun belgian business law firm

Mass claims and class actions Simont Braun is a leading firm in mass claims and class actions in Belgium. Large-scale actions are increasingly frequent in Belgium and the litigation landscape is shifting accordingly, due to the magnitude of the risk faced by defendants. In this field, our litigators rely on their renowned and extensive legal […]

Insurance law

Insurance law Simont Braun Belgian business law firm

Legally compliant insurance services We help insurance companies and intermediaries ensure that their organisation is able to swiftly adapt to the continually evolving prudential requirements, rules of conduct, product guidelines and data protection regulations.  Our team is also particularly experienced in designing compliant yet client-friendly (online) customer journeys, including for new market entrants and disruptive […]

Public and administrative law

Public and administrative law Simont Braun Belgian business law firm

A comprehensive practice with specific accents We also deal with other fields of public law, such as government-owned assets, financing of public projects, public utilities, licences, permits, authorisations and regulatory affairs. We regularly represent clients in litigation and procedures in these matters, including administrative appeals and the specialised public law courts being the Constitutional Court […]