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More than ever, enterprises tend to prefer efficient and swift solutions than lengthy judicial proceedings to solve their disputes. Mediation has many advantages, in particular, the confidentiality of the process and the possibility to get a tailor-made solution.

At Simont Braun, we understand this market reality and listen carefully to our clients’ needs to guide them towards the most appropriate and constructive path to solve their issues.

Hence, our dispute resolution team is regularly involved in mediation proceedings and several of our lawyers are trained to the mediation process and are registered mediators.

Our areas of expertise

In all our practice areas, Simont Braun assists clients through the entire mediation process, from the decision to choose mediation (which as from January 2019 could under certain circumstances also be imposed by the court) up to the implementation of the agreement between the parties.

The role of a lawyer in mediation is crucial. Some of our lawyers are trained to the process and will accompany the client through the different phases of the mediation. They will notably assist them with the identification of the subject matters that must be addressed. In the “options phase”, where parties are asked to be creative and to propose as many potential solutions as possible, our lawyers may suggest ideas. When an agreement is reached, we will take the lead over the drafting and submit it to the court for approval.

In addition and from a more general point of view, our role during the entire mediation process is to keep the client informed of the judicial framework and consequences of the solutions that are discussed so that the client can make a fully-aware decision.

Special expertise

Thomas Braun, Charlotte de Leval and Fanny Laune are registered mediators to the “Commission Fédérale Médiation”.

Thomas Braun is also a member and former president of the Belgian Chamber of Conciliation, Arbitration and Mediation in Real Estate matters (C.C.A.I.).

Emmanuel Cornu was involved in the first mediation proceedings organised by the Boards of Appeal of the EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office).