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Financial Actors and Products

Financial institutions operate at the heart of our economy and continuously face a broad spectrum of challenges, ranging from new regulations covering technological developments and the ever increasing demands of customers.

Today's financial institutions are no longer the ponderous giants they may have been at the turn of the century. New categories of institutions have entered the market and are all having to cope with an ever more crowded regulatory landscape. Supervisors are constantly imposing new measures in order to strengthen the protection of financial consumers, while digitalisation of the financial services sector is forcing institutions to swiftly reinvent their business models. Whether businesses or consumers, clients are continually raising their expectations regarding financial products and more user-friendly ways to consume financial services.

What do we offer?

Our lawyers are embedded in the financial sector, possessing in-depth knowledge of applicable regulations and maintaining excellent relationships with financial regulators. They have many years of experience with all manner of financial institutions, ranging from banks and investment firms to payment service providers, e-money issuers, regulated credit providers and alternative financing platforms. Our firm enjoys a fundamental understanding of the products they offer and the expectations of their clients.

Our lawyers are actively involved in the sector by taking on multiple speaking engagements, producing scientific contributions and actively participating at industry events.

Our specific recent experience in the sector includes:

  • Assistance provided to new market operators for all types of financial licence applications, including representation before the various regulators such as the National Bank of Belgium, the Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) and the Federal Public Service Economy;

  • Ensuring that our clients meet all regulatory requirements regarding compliance with codes of conduct and consumer protection in general, notably in the field of payment services, regulated credit, investments services etc. Our assistance includes screen-by-screen scanning of websites and applications to ensure that all obligations are covered;

  • Drafting various types of contractual agreements (with clients, suppliers, business partners and market infrastructure entities);

  • Support provided for the implementation of new regulations both in terms of contractual repapering and identifying operational needs;

  • Extensive regulatory analysis of potential business models and their compatibly with financial regulations;

  • Full range of litigation services, representing both financial institutions and counterparties in all aspects of banking & finance law.