The construction sector is undergoing fundamental changes. Both public authorities and private entities are facing increasing environmental regulation and technical demands, such as notably EPB, BREEAM and soil pollution legislation. Operators in the construction sector need to navigate such increasingly complex and specific sets of standards and requirements while remaining competitive. This becomes all the more relevant with the growing input at regional, national and European level. New structures and associations are emerging (e.g. Bouwteams) to tackle such developments.

In this context, ensuring construction process efficiency requires flexible and responsive assistance to accurately identify the strategic decisions to be made and the legal requirements to be complied with.

Construction law Simont Braun Belgian business law firm

Extensive and interdisciplinary expertise in the construction sector

Simont Braun offers assistance at all stages of the construction process, from advice and negotiation in construction planning and innovative projects to litigation assistance (including arbitration and mediation). We represent clients active in all fields of the construction sector: real estate developers, general contractors, commissioners, architects, companies and authorities, private individuals, etc., and adapt our guidance accordingly. Our team regularly acts in the context of public procurement for both public authorities and private entities. 

Our interdisciplinary team of  experienced legal practitioners provides an integrated approach with a comprehensive understanding across the range of legal issues, whether advice or litigation in the public or private sphere.


Assistance before all courts and alternative dispute resolution

As and when required, we represent our clients’ interests before all judicial and administrative courts. The extensive experience of our lawyers ensures a competitive and efficient approach.

Aside from court proceedings, we are convinced of the efficiency of alternative dispute resolution methods and of their ability to obtain a satisfactory outcome. We advise our clients to explore such channels whenever the situation dictates. In this respect Thomas Braun is a recognised mediator in construction matters.


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