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Supreme Court

As the highest court in Belgium, the Supreme Court does not deal with questions of fact, but only with questions of law. It verifies the legality of the judicial decisions that are brought before it.

Because of the specific nature of this task and the technical nature of the cassation procedure, the representation of parties in civil, commercial and social matters (in the broad sense) is restricted to lawyers accredited to the Supreme Court, who together form a separate bar consisting of only twenty members. At our firm, we have two such lawyers: Paul Alain Foriers and Caroline De Baets.

Their presence has the advantage that we can assist and represent our clients at all stages of the procedure.

Our fields of expertise

Paul Alain Foriers and Caroline De Baets are supported by a team of lawyers, some of whom have completed the four-year course organized by the Bar of Lawyers practicing before the Supreme Court.

They act before the Supreme Court in disputes relating to all areas of law - including tax law and criminal law, which are not covered by the aforementioned restrictions. They can also act before the Constitutional Court, the Court of Justice of the European Union or the Benelux Court of Justice as regards the preliminary reference procedure.

Paul Alain Foriers and Caroline De Baets can of course also rely on the expertise of the lawyers within our firm’s other departments.